The Daily Times in Changing Times: The Hong Kong Daily Times

The Daily Times in Changing Times: The Hong Kong Daily Times

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This multi-part case is set in Hong Kong, with a third generation leader of a successful newspaper facing market challenges threatened by the Internet. Part A of the case provides the context and outlines the challenges faced by the newspaper: high production costs, mixed results with a new magazine business, financial pressures due to lower print sales, a strong culture of success, and a start-up online business. Four potential strategies are suggested as the CEO goes to the board for a decision.

Parts B1 and B2 contain different decisions to be made by the board — one for making an acquisition and the other for driving organic growth.

This case is targeted for participants to work in small groups and explore the dynamics of managing change. It provides a context in which they can examine change management elements such as stakeholder management, change planning and change commitment management.

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