Mind the Drone: Virtual Reality Simulation

Mind the Drone: Virtual Reality Simulation

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Mind the Drone is a virtual reality (VR) game that requires a single-player only. The player is asked to select evidences in an accident case in which the victim had severe injuries. The game allows the players to analyse the scene of the incident where the accident took place and also analyse the nature of the injuries sustained by the complainant. It also allows the player to take into account the hospital recovery costs incurred by the victim and assess the lapses on the part of the event organisers, in whose event the accident occurred.

The game allows players to analyse the legal elements of the accident case, and presents to the player several evidences as well as distractions, to allow the player to make a judgement on which evidences to pick for the case based on their analysis.

Mind the Drone game exemplifies the four legal elements of duty of care, breach of duty, causation and remoteness, and defences within the scope of the tort of negligence. The game was built with the objective of enabling players to apply legal rules, principles and policies pertaining to “Law of Torts” - civil wrongs committed against persons or parties for which the law provides remedies.

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